About Our Company

img2.jpg, 3.8kB Derby Dairy is the Haryana’s major dairy company which is 100% owned by Haryanvi farmers. We supply a wide range of dairy products and dairy ingredients to customers in market including cheeses, soft cheeses, raw milk, butter, skimmed milk , Dahi, Lassi,Flavoured Milk and so many products.

At Derby Dairy, we focus our business strategy on five strategic drivers. If an activity does not fit within one of these areas, we don't do it.

Our strategic drivers are:

  • Driving cash for our farmers
  • Growing our brands
  • Diversifying our product and customer base
  • Lowering our cost to serve
  • Seeking value in partnerships


We believe that good Sustainability today creates good business practice of the future, and drives long-term success. Yes, it's the right thing to do ethically and environmentally, but it's more than that for us. We believe that making Sustainability part of our daily decision-making delivers economic and reputational benefits for our business and our farmers. The farmers who supply us with milk own our dairy processing business, and that provides a strong platform for us to engage with partners to develop a more stable and resilient supply chain.